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This community is dedicated to those people that, through word or deed, are dumber than a box of rocks. Their stupid behavior may not be deliberate or intentional, but something that, on a second look, just makes you cry out "What were they thinking?" Darwin candidates (people who died or caused the death of others due to a lack of common sense) are welcome, but a person doesn’t have to die in order for their story to be posted here; they’ll just wish they were dead.

All manner of dumb behavior is welcome here, but there is one hard and fast rule: it must be an actual story that is a matter of public record. That means TV, newspaper, and legitimate Internet news sources are OK, but undocumented “eyewitness” accounts and personal anecdotes, satirical sites (such as The Onion) and “urban legends” are strictly forbidden.

When you post, include the source of your story (newspaper byline or TV call letters), and if possible, a link to the source. If you edit the story for length, content, or comic effect, you should indicate so in the subject line, and in such cases, you MUST include a link to the full story's source. If I can’t trace a story back to it’s source, it gets deleted.